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Parc Bench

Parc Bench in solid Ash

The customer is more classically minded, which was also his request: a bench like the one in the park made of solid wood – with pleasure!

Today, everyone should know that wood can be used outdoors, be it as terrace decking or on loungers, the important thing is to handle it properly, including constructive wood conservation. It is significant that rainwater does not remain on the wood, otherwise the wood will rot, or that the wood is protected accordingly.

With such a beautiful bench, which is in itself a unique and authentic piece of furniture, it will not stand outside all year round. So it will not be exposed to bad weather, but only to good weather. And should there be a summer rain, it is double-coated with a wood preservative stain in the colour ash, so that it remains as natural as possible.

Could not be more unique and authentic

Merci S. fir des schéin Commande!


Solid Ash


Park Bench


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