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authentic brand for exquisite handmade solid wood furniture, selected by people with high demands on design and individuality.


 THE PRESS / Oct 25, 2022 
Die Liebe zu meinem Handwerk neu entdeckt
REVUE by Hubert Morang, Photos © Anouk Flesch


We live our profession the traditional way and praise the art and craft of carpentry. 


The use of machines is helpful to work efficiently, nevertheless we focus on manual work which takes up a large part of the production.

Our commitment reflects by the quality and love of details in our furniture.

Menuiserie Schreiner Möbel Schrank Cabinet


We, Charly Krau and Benedikt Becker, met 2008 on the way to our mastership examination and have been close friends ever since.


We have always dreamed of doing our own thing.


2020 Charly Krau wood & more was born, a professional carpentry and brand.

 HI, I AM 
Benedikt Becker

master carpenter & partner

To get back to the roots of carpentry, he is supporting Charly since May 2021.

 HI, I AM 
Charly Krau

master carpenter & founder

To follow his passion, he did what he had to do and started his own business in October 2020.

we are
3 now

Sascha starts from zero again and begins a 3-year apprenticeship as a carpenter.

His motivation is so immense that he has already started 2 months before the apprenticeship begins.

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