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Trailer Pop-Up Stand

In collaboration with the coworking space "Am Gronn" for the cultural year ESCH 2022.

Am Gronn won the pitch among many with the presentation of their concept of a mobile pop-up stand to the Committee of the Culture Year ESCH 2022.

Am Gronn approached us with this idea, which we liked that much, we didn't want to miss out. The cooperation was very pleasant and uncomplicated. After building a prototype, which was presented at the opening press conference and had no changements at all, 3 final CargElo's followed.

Since the requirement was that the stand should be mobile and be assembled and disassembled by a single person, the principle of the "matryoshka" was actually quite quickly clear, through this principle the stand also gets its pyramid-like look, since every boxs becomes smaller and smaller. They contain 2 folding tables with corresponding folding roofs, 2 Pegboard-style surfaces each and an open compartment. On an appropriately fitted trailer for bicycles, the PopUp Stand can be moved with any standard bicycle.

700 x 2200 mm


Birch Plywood


Trailer Pop-Up Stand


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